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Cost of ISO certification in luanda

ISO 9001 Certification in Luanda | ISO 9001 Consultation in Luanda, Angola :

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Vertex Certifiers also known as one of the top leading certification consultants in Luanda for ISO 9001 Certification. We also provide other certifications such as ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 37301, ISO 9606, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, ISO 50001 etc.


Vertex Certifiers stands out as the leading ISO 27001 Certification in Angola & Its major cities Luanda, Huambo, Cabinda, Benguela, and Lobito recognized for delivering exceptional consultation services across major cities. Our comprehensive offerings encompass implementation, training, auditing, and ISO registration, all provided at competitive prices to ensure accessibility without sacrificing quality.


We offer multiplicity of services in other major cities of Angola such as Huambo, Porto Amboim, Benguela, Lubango, Sumbe, Lobito, N’dalatando, Luena, Menongue, Saurimo, Malanje, Bailundo and many more.

Luanda, the capital of Angola, lies along the western coast of Southern Africa. Renowned as the country’s principal port, it serves as a hub for industry, culture, and urban life. Alongside Luanda Bay stretches the scenic Marginal promenade. Nearby stands the meticulously preserved 16th-century Fortress of São Miguel, housing the Museum of the Armed Forces today.

In short about ISO 9001 Standard :

ISO 9001 serves as a standard for quality management systems, enabling organizations to showcase their capacity for delivering products and services that consistently satisfy both customer expectations and regulatory standards.

Simple steps to obtain ISO 9001 Certification in Luanda :

    • Understand ISO 9001 Familiarize yourself with the ISO 9001 standard and its requirements.

    • Gap Analysis Conduct a gap analysis to identify areas where your organization currently stands in relation to the ISO 9001 requirements. This will help you understand what changes or improvements need to be made to meet the standard.

    • Develop Documentation Develop the necessary documentation for your quality management system (QMS) based on the requirements of ISO 9001. This incorporates  quality manuals, procedures, work instructions, and records.

    • Implement QMS Implement the QMS within your organization. This involves training employees, establishing processes, and ensuring that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in relation to quality management.

    • Internal Audit Conduct internal audits to assess the effectiveness of your QMS and to identify any non-conformities or areas for improvement.

    • Corrective Actions Take corrective actions to address any non-conformities identified during internal audits.

    • Management Review Hold management reviews to evaluate the performance of the QMS and to ensure its continued suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness.

    • Certification Body Selection Select a certification body accredited to issue ISO 9001 certification. It’s important to choose a reputable certification body with experience in your industry.

    • Certification Audit Arrange for a certification audit with the selected certification body. This audit will involve a review of your QMS documentation and processes to determine compliance with ISO 9001 requirements.

    • Certification Decision Based on the audit findings, the certification body will make a decision regarding ISO 9001 certification. If your organization meets the requirements, you will be issued a certificate.

    • Continuous Improvement ISO 9001 certification is not a one-time achievement. It requisites ongoing commitment to maintaining and improving your QMS. Continuously monitor and measure your processes, and seek opportunities for improvement.

It’s important to note that the specific process and requirements for obtaining ISO 9001 certification may vary depending on factors such as the size and nature of your organization, as well as the certification body you choose to work with. Additionally, you may need to consider any local regulations or requirements specific to Angola.

Benefits of ISO 9001 certification in Luanda, Angola :

Importance of ISO 9001 Standard :

ISO 9001 is important for several reasons, particularly for organizations seeking to enhance their quality management systems and demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality products and services. ISO 9001 helps organizations establish robust quality management systems that drive continual improvement, enhance customer satisfaction, and support sustainable business success in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our services of ISO Certification in Luanda and all over Angola :

    • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System

    • ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management System

    • ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety Management System

    • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System

    • ISO 37301 – Compliance Management System

    • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

    • ISO 50001 – Energy Management

    • ISO 13485 – Quality Management System (medical device, compliance certificate)

    • ISO 9606 – Qualification Testing of Welders

    • ISO 10002 – Quality Management System for Customer Satisfaction

    • ISO 17025 – Testing & Calibration of Laboratory

How to apply for ISO 9001 Certification in Luanda, Angola?

Thinking about how to apply for ISO 9001 Certification in Angola!!

Vertex Certifiers is the solutions for that. We provide the best ISO Certification consultants who are expertise in the respective industry to help a company to achieve the ISO Certification. We will help to comply the international standard in an organization in order to achieve the certification.

Please drop an email to with your requirements or please fill our fully oriented application form. Our expert will revert you back at the earliest and even provide the free quotation for ISO related costs in Angola. If you require more about our consulting methodology, please visit our site

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